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Since 1988 the American Revolution Enterprises have brought the finest quad line kites made for speed, precision, team flying, power and indoor. Above and beyond any other quad line kite, Revolution kites (aka “Revs”) are truly multi-directional in flight with the ability to fly forward, backward, sideways, adjust speed, and even stop on a dime to hover nearly motionless in mid-air. While some manoeuvres require a certain wind range, experienced pilots can fly in all conditions from zero wind (indoors) all the way up to nearly 50 miles per hour.

Some tips about Revolution models:

A great introduction to the Revolution EXPerience. All the outrageous performance, without all the bells and whistles; at a great price.

Rev Classic 1.5 with Reflex
The popular Classic pattern, with a top quality polyester sail, gives you quicker response and a big wind range.

Reflex 1.5 RX
A completely new 2018 model! Designed from the ground up with the patented Revolution Reflex technology. Beginner to intermediate flyer - this RX will take you skill level higher in minutes.

Reflex RX Spider
Large wind range of 8-22 mph (7-19 knot). The Reflex technology gives you nice lower wind range. The Spider web gives you smooth control with less pull in big winds. Have fun in the high wind without getting tired and pulled.

Reflex XX
Super stable 98'' LE. Fun Power and Ultra Control. New to the Rev? Have light variable winds? Love the Rev flying characteristics you've seen in videos and flying is your hobby? Then the Reflex XX it's for you!


Super Sonic and Sonic Vented
Speed, control, agility. If you like speed and fun the Super Sonic it's for you.

Accelerates like a race car and can pull like a truck. Power Blast 2-4 and Power Blast 4-8


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  • Revolution 1.5 Reflex RX

    Price €279.99
    revolution logo

    The Revolution Reflex design is the most significant development in decades.  This is a ‘must have’ product for flyers.   

    The Patented Reflex design is a breakthrough that increases stability, wind range, and overall control especially under difficult conditions.  Including light wind,  turbulent wind, and the ‘edge of the window’ flying.

    In fact, in ‘loss of control’ situations, your Rev Reflex will shift to “Auto pilot” recovery mode where it will fly itself back to the center of the wind window. Reflex Technology allows the wing to dynamically change shape in flight.  

    Includes: kite, new Carbon Light handles with multi-knot settings, extra free shafts, manual and revolution bag.

  • Revolution Indoor

    Price €242.99


    Amazing and Beautiful!  As seen on Americas Got Talent!! 

    The Rev Indoor model is the easiest kite to fly indoors. With the 8 ft wind span and weighing less than 6 oz.  This is the way to fly Indoors.

    Includes: Kite with fiber carbon structure, handles, manual, bag. (lines not included)