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    Escape logo

    Feel like you can do anything with the new Escape V8.

    Whether you want to go fast, boost big or practice every trick in the book, the V8 will act like an extension of your body, completing your moves and adapting to your needs.

    The winning and distinctive features of the Escape have been kept: intuitive and direct handling, super responsive feeling and no compromise on power. With the improvements on the canopy the V8’s performance stands out big!

    Includes: kite, manual and backpack (no pump, bar and lines).

  • Escape logo

    The Escape is built to offer the explosive performance you expect from a high-level competition kite. Building upon the formula of accessible and versatile freestyle performance the V7 Escape feels alive with potential.

    It is designed to connect in such a way that every kiteboarder feels comfortable and inspired to push his or her riding right from the first launch.

    Expect explosive pop and lots of grunt for unhooked moves, excellent vertical boost, great line slack for unhooked tricks and highly responsive & direct steering.

    Whether you are practicing your first backrolls or throwing double handle passes, the Escape will have you giddy like a schoolgirl every time you take it for a spin.

    Includes: kite, manual and backpack (no pump, bar and lines).

  • Aviator control bar

    Price €398.99

    Specifically designed to be used in combination with the Aero the Aviator bar sports some ‘race specific’ features to allow you to maximize the kite’s output.

    It is equipped with a double pulley trim system which is operated by a trim rope, this allows for minute, on the fly power adjustments to help you stay ahead of the pack.

    Includes: Bar and Dyneema flying lines

  • Hook

    The Hook is built for those who are looking for smooth airtime more than anything else. Smooth power build-up and upwind ability, big air and buttery landings. Everything you need for epic sessions all year round.

    The Hook is dedicated to boost big and scream upwind. It offers the airtime you need to throw every trick in the book and put you down smoothly. Its moderate bar pressure, which is easy on the arms and body, allows you to stay out longer. It combines exhilarating capability with rider focussed handling and usability into a laid back package that is always ready for more.

    Want to look good riding hard & throwing big? Hook in!

    Includes: kite, manual and backpack (no pump, bar and lines).

    • Reduced price

    Peter Lynn AERO V1 | Kiteboarding | Hydrofoil

    Regular price €2,199.00 -40% From Price €1,319.40
    Aero logo
    Performance is about responsiveness, precision, handling balance and most importantly; the riders experience.

    Developed upon the backbone of the Vapor, the most successful fixed bridle racekite of the last decade. And built with only high-end, ultra-light materials and the latest construction methods. 

    The Aero is designed for uncompromised racing performance but also to offer you ease of use and stability to put a smile on your face whenever you pull the bar to leave everything and everyone behind.

    The Aero is available in standard light fabric and in Ultra Light Skytex.


    Includes: Aero kite, Aero backpack, manual.