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List of products by brand KHEO

Having  its origin in France and started back in 1999, Kheo was among  the first brands making boards geared towards kiting. 

Besides that KHEO made boards for all-terrain skateboarding and downhill boarding; activities which were mainstream in the early days. In 2006 Kheo was taken over by Vliegerop.

Today Kheo makes a versatile range of high quality boards both for the mountainboard and kite scene; no-nonsense yet technically refined and durable boards at affordable prices, and for junior and advanced riders alike.

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  • Kheo Epic

    Price €339.99

    The Kheo Epic is the intermediate to pro level board that is specifically built for kite landboarding freeride and freestyle. 

    The deck of the Epic features a lightweight bamboo deck with a Canadian maple core, it’s this lightweight construction that makes it perfectly suited to freestyle tricks and board off’s. Its coated skate style trucks make it a nippy turner allowing you to easily correct direction after landing a jump. The deck is equipped with the original super comfy Kheo C1 bindings.

    The strong 2 piece disc hubs combined with the 8″ race tyres give you the strength and grip to ride at speed and load up hard before launching a jump. 

    They are also easy to slide with to scrub off speed. 

    The Epic is a board that lets you further your skills.

  • Kheo CORE

    Price €169.99
    Kheo logo

    The Kheo Core is an entry level board. Ideal for younger and light weight riders. 

    In comparison to e.g. the Kheo Kicker the deck of the Core is somewhat narrower, which ensures easy handling and nippy turns. It is a budget board yet with good quality components and materials, perfectly suitable to explore any land- and mountainboarding discipline with ease.

    The deck is full canadian maple and equipped with Kheo C2 bindings, durable and comfortable with velcro straps for easy adjustment to the desired riding position. In combination with 10mm All-round skate trucks and 8″ wheels, makes the Core a complete and affordable landboard.

    Recommended for riders up to 70kg.

  • Kheo KICKER - Rodas 8''

    Price €216.99
    Kheo logo

    The Kheo Kicker is the entry level board that is great for those first sessions. 

    The Kicker is a well designed board that can handle both downhill boarding and freestyle kite-landboarding. Its skate style trucks make it a nippy turner allowing you to easily correct direction after landing a jump. The deck itself is a tough 9ply Canadian maple construction and comes with the original super comfy Kheo C1 bindings.

    The strong 5 spoke hubs with diamond tread tyres give you more than enough grip to handle any type of terrain yet they are easy to slide with to scrub off speed. A board that gets you going with confidence, flying and sliding with adrenaline.

    (Also available 9'' wheels version).

  • Kheo FLYER - Rodas 9''

    Price €254.99
    Kheo logo

    The Kheo Flyer is an intermediate level board. It has the same deck as the Bazik only somewhat stiffer as there are no fibre glass layers to add flex.

    The board is equipped with the C2 bindings and this in combination with the deck specs make the board significantly lighter than the Bazik.

    This makes the Flyer perfectly suitable for riders up to 80Kg that want to ride hard and fast on any terrain, while its Channel trucks give the Flyer all the stability needed to bomb down any hill, field or beach at high speeds.

    Recommended for riders up to 80kg.

    (Also available with 8'' wheels)