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Vliegerop BV is the Netherlands based holding company that owns and operates Peter Lynn Kitesports (now PLKB); the brand that covers all Peter Lynn traction kiting products, from LEI (tube) kites, Twinskin kites and foil kites to kite buggies and accessories. The Peter Lynn brand has its origin in New Zealand, in 1971.

Peter Lynn (now PLKB)has been taking challenges from the early days of the sport. Challenges to come with better products, invent new solutions, improve performance and build superior quality in every aspect of those products.

PLKB has several ‘industry firsts’ to his name and is the inventor of the kite buggy. The Peter Lynn team designs kites for all kite disciplines, for all terrains, for all conditions. All this comes forth from a passionate crew of kite sports enthusiasts: ‘Passion makes us fly.’

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  • Charge logo
    This latest Arc stays true to its core identity; it is built for passionate kite flyers who enjoy the elegant flow that only a true old school kite can offer.

    Never change a winning formula: this new version of the Charger embodies all the best aspects of the series. High wind stability, gust absorption, powerful boosts, smooth landings, proper bar pressure and superior longevity.

    The Charger is designed to work in most conditions, its unbeaten stability makes it highly reliable and its shape and flexibility provide comfort even in unsteady winds.

    Includes: kite and bag.

  • Swell logo

    Whatever suits your mood or the conditions best, the Swell gives you the freedom to ride, all day, every day. Pull the bar and feel the kite come to life instantly.

    Designed for surf, the Swell is Peter Lynn’s  answer to riders who like to be versatile.

    By giving the kite a perfect blend of drift, great turning, low end power, speed, easy re-launch and upwind drive we combined excellent freeride characteristics with wave specific traits to make sure every session is fun whether there’s epic sets rolling in or not.

    Includes: kite, manual and bag.
  • Escape logo

    The Escape is built to offer the explosive performance you expect from a high-level competition kite. Building upon the formula of accessible and versatile freestyle performance the V7 Escape feels alive with potential.

    It is designed to connect in such a way that every kiteboarder feels comfortable and inspired to push his or her riding right from the first launch.

    Expect explosive pop and lots of grunt for unhooked moves, excellent vertical boost, great line slack for unhooked tricks and highly responsive & direct steering.

    Whether you are practicing your first backrolls or throwing double handle passes, the Escape will have you giddy like a schoolgirl every time you take it for a spin.

    Includes: kite, manual and backpack (no pump, bar and lines).

    • Reduced price

    Peter Lynn VAPOR II

    Regular price €839.00 -40% From Price €503.40
    Vapor logo                              Experience
    The Vapor is the ultimate high performance fixed bridle kite.

    Built for top level kite buggy racing, it pushes the envelope in every aspect, from its flat out performance to its exceptional build quality. 

    The Vapor makes it easy to go fast, yet it offers a continuous challenge in perfecting your riding and will satisfy your appetite for speed every time you go out. You will be hard pressed to find a kite that matches the outstanding characteristics the Vapor has to offer.

    Includes: Valor kite, vapor bag, manual.
  • Navigator control bar V6

    Price €424.99

    Nearly two decades of kiteboarding experience has materialised into the Navigator controlbar.

    At Peter Lynn we understand that your kiting experience heavily relies on how well your bar works. This is why the Navigator bar is designed to be as clean as possible without making any compromise in safety and user comfort.

    Includes: Bar, Dyneema lines and leash

  • Peter Lynn Freestyle handles have been designed to satisfy the demand of top level riders

    Designed primarily for allround traction kiting, landboarding, freestyle buggying and snowkiting
    Handles are fully covered with EVA foam for optimal grip anywhere on the handle and all lines are made from Dyneema, ensuring extra durability and minimum stretch

    The handles are designed to be grabbed with the top line attachment between the index- and middle finger or below the top line attachment when riding hooked in

    Includes 55cm harness line