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HQ Infinity | Stuntkiting


To the Invento range, the Infinity by Andreas Koopmann is now available: Competition-ready trick flight, coupled with very good precision.

This kite is simple to handle. After only a short acclimatisation, the pilot gets the feeling of being one with the Infinity kite.
All known tricks are possible. The sideslides are endless, the basics elegant and majestic. Back and wrap tricks are the speciality of these kites. Whether it is Backspins, Jacob's Ladder, Fade, Lazy Susans, Lateral Rolls or Yo-Yos: the Infinity executes all tricks with ease and high controllability.

The combination of trick and precision is impressive. In a word, it is a dream kite for play and discovery.

Includes: kite and bag.
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Width: 246 cm / 97
Height: 96 cm / 38
Sail: Icarex
Frame: Dynamic T15
Line (rec): 45-70 kp / 100-150 lb. (NOT included)
Wind: 2-4 Bft. (8-28 km/h | 5-18 mph)
Age: 14+

Data sheet

Kite type
Stunt 2-line
Ready-to-fly (RTF)
Wing span
246 cm
96 cm
Dynamic T15
Sail material
Control type
Straps (incl)
Kitekiller(s) / Leash
No / Not incl
45-70 kp / 100-150 lb. (rec - not incl)
Wind range
2-4 Bft. (8-28 km/h | 5-18 mph)
Recommended age

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